Author: beth

  • Harvesting Information for AllWays

    I pulled into a parking space right in front of Condor Chocolates. As I did so I wondered if my old friend would score as good of a parking space when she arrived. Although I already knew what I wanted to order, I took some time browsing there delectable selection of chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, […]

  • Mystic South 2022: Part 3

    Sunday July 17 9-11 AM: Pack, load car, check out. This involved getting a luggage cart from the lobby, taking it up to my room to load it, then down two different elevators to my car, packing the car, and returning the luggage cart to the lobby. This was a bit of a workout and […]

  • Mystic South 2022: Part 2

    Saturday July 16 10 AM: Medicinal Plants of the Southeast via Botanical Gardens on Zoom: This was very good. The instructor, Melissa Ray, lead us through the qualities of 15 Medicinal Plants from the Southeast. I took this Zoom class through the Botanical Gardens of Georgia for my Native Plant Certification, it was not a […]

  • Mystic South 2022: Part 1

    Friday July 15: 8 AM: The Science behind Weather Lore by Debra Burris: taught by a physic professor. Fascinating but too cerebral for 8 AM. 9:30 AM: Belly Dance as Part of Spiritual Practice by Gwenna Obscura: This I found excellent! The teacher was as much a a facilitator as a teacher. She got the […]