Quick facts about AAP finances

  • AAP is a registered 501(c)3 religious organization
  • There are no paid employees
    • AAP is a volunteer-only organization
    • It is possible, one day, for there to be some paid employees
  • Income sources:
    • Normally, most income comes from vendor booths at APPD.
      • But, this past year, donations were the largest source!
    • After that, the largest income is usually from donations
  • We organize our money into funds
    • Five percent (5%) of all income goes into the Savings Fund
    • Except for the General Fund and the Savings Fund, money in a given fund can only be used for the purpose for which that fund was created
    • Money in the General Fund can be used for any of AAP’s approved purposes
    • Money in the Savings Fund can be used in emergencies, if approved by the members, and must be repaid to the fund as soon as possible
    • Click here to learn more about the funds
  • Our fundraising needs are changing!
    • Until recently, we have operated with a tiny budget. We don’t raise money just to have it. Money is raised for specific purposes, though we do have members who donate regularly, and we appreciate that.
    • The AllWays project requires an income increase.