AAP organizes its money into Funds

Each fund has its own page that describes its purpose. The following list gives a brief description of each. Please click on the links to learn more about each fund.

To learn how much money was in each fund at the end of the previous year, click here.

General Fund

The General Fund is the main pool of money for AAP. Money in this fund can be used for any legitimate purpose of AAP.

This is also the default fund. If you do not specify a fund when donating, this is where the money goes. Because it is the default, this fund usually has a lot of money in it, comparatively. Historically, it is surpassed only by the fund for APPD. Lately, though, the Savings fund is gaining ground.


Like everyone else, we need to save for unforeseen circumstances. Money automatically goes to this fund, so, unless you are determined to increase our savings, we don’t expect that you will donate to this fund.

Athens Pagan Pride Day

Money in this fund is used for the purpose of holding Athens Pagan Pride Day, the annual outreach and advocacy event.


This fund supports the public religious spaces and associated intentional community that we call AllWays.

Community Assistance

Generally, when someone in the community needs help, we take up an informal donation, gather food, etc., and provide the help. Because of this, the fund rarely has a lot of money in it. However, we have a specific fund for the purpose, and you can donate to it.

Community Garden

This fund helps us to maintain a community garden. It currently resides at The Hill (a member’s private residence), but we plan to move gardening activities to AllWays as soon as that is feasible.