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  • Mystic South 2022: Part 2

    Saturday July 16 10 AM: Medicinal Plants of the Southeast via Botanical Gardens on Zoom: This was very good. The instructor, Melissa Ray, lead us through the qualities of 15 Medicinal Plants from the Southeast. I took this Zoom class through the Botanical Gardens of Georgia for my Native Plant Certification, it was not a […]

  • Mystic South 2022: Part 1

    Friday July 15: 8 AM: The Science behind Weather Lore by Debra Burris: taught by a physic professor. Fascinating but too cerebral for 8 AM. 9:30 AM: Belly Dance as Part of Spiritual Practice by Gwenna Obscura: This I found excellent! The teacher was as much a a facilitator as a teacher. She got the […]