Click here to view photos of the area. Note that the barricades in the street are there to protect people from automobile traffic, so they won’t be there during the festival (because no automobile traffic).

Map Information

The map below shows the vendor sites, with labels.

  • Sites are labeled N1 through N15 and S1 through S18.
    • If you want a large site, you can ignore the “E” and “W” labels.
    • If you want a small site, please specify whether you want ‘E’ or ‘W’. For example, if you want the small site in S7 that is closest to the Workshops Area, you would indicate S7-W.
  • There is no difference between pink or blue coloring. The colors are only there for visual clarity.
  • The N, S, E & W labels correspond roughly to the cardinal directions. In the map, north is to the left.
  • The ‘Parklets’ are places where local businesses might place outdoor seating for their customers.
  • The “Bank Turnaround” is a place for cars using that bank to turn around. Normally, they exit onto the street. We have placed our booths around the area for added safety.

Site Availability

Grayed-out sites are already reserved. A list below also notes the reserved sites. We will update these as often as possible. The list below will likely be updated more quickly than the image.


2023 map of vendor sites for APPD

Reserved Sites List

This list will probably be updated before the graphic above.

3 Feathers Emporium: S6W

A Touch of Magic: S4E

Beloved Apothecary: S7E

Branch & Bone: S5W

Carmanda Arts Things: S6E

Circle of the Risen Phoenix: N6

Conjure and the Root: N5

Faerie Apothecary: S11E

Mixed Mythologies: S2E

Musing Crystal: S7W

Rose Thistle & Broom: S8E

Serendipitous Souls: N3W

The Art of Tiffany Toland-Scott: S8W

Twin Ravens Studios: S9E

Vincent’s Place Sanctuary: S9W

Water & Wick: S1E

Wicked World: S15

WhiteOak Art Designs & More: S1W

Willow Dragonstone Community & Coven: N1