TimeEventPresenters / Performers
2-2:30Opening RitualEmbreis23 and others
2:30-3Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Others: Who Are We?Embreis23
3-4Chant, Sing and Dance WorkshopKira of Spiral Rhtyhm
4-5Geomancy: Divination by NumbersLady Dia
5-6The AllWays Intentional CommunityLachele Foley
6-7Main RitualSara Amis
7-8Planetary magic: The journey through the planetsSoul Inspirations
8-830Pagan Prayer BeadsLady Dia
930-10Closing ritual

The Presentations:

Pagans, Witches, Heathens, and Others, Who Are We? — Embreis23 gives a very quick survey of the different paths, ways, traditions, beliefs, and systems that constitute Modern Paganism. Limited free copies of the A Pagan Bestiary Rev. 4 will be available

Chant, Sing and Dance Workshop — Kira of Spiral Rhythm. Learn dances to Pagan songs and traditional world chants. You can do as much or as little as you want of the activities. Circle dance, chair dance, sing only, play a drum on the side, or just check it out; it’s all OK! No experience necessary, all ages.

Geomancy: Divination by Numbers — Lady Dia. Geomancy was once a secret occult divinatory tool passed down through the Golden Dawn requiring hours of copying of “secret” books. Today, geomancy is accessible to the masses in larger ways they ever. Come learn about how Geomancy started at Ifa in the Nigerian area of the African Continent and eventually made it’s way to the entire world in one shape or another. Learn to do a quick Geomantic Shield and take away a free booklet download to get you started!

The AllWays Intentional Community — Lachele Foley. Many Pagans have little or no access to natural spaces for their practices. The AllWays project of Athens Area Pagans will provide access to natural spaces for Pagans in the Athens area. The natural areas will be supported by an onsite intentional community. This presentation will describe the current status of the AllWays Intentional Community and answer any questions you might have.

The Main Ritual — Poet, Author, Teacher and Feri Initiate Sara Amis will once again lead our Main Ritual.

Planetary Magic: a Journey through the Planets — Soul Inspirations. This presentation is on planetary magic describing different planetary deities, correspondences, and days in relation to the hero’s journey. I will explain which days coincide with which planets and a basic way of calculating planetary hours. After this I will give a basic rundown of different planetary correspondences before giving the audience an opportunity to pass around items that represent each planet. These items will include sound, sight, smell, feel and taste. After this brief introduction I will touch on Jungian psychology, the collective unconscious, the importance of accessing it and the hero’s journey in relation to the planets.

Pagan Prayer Beads — Lady Dia. Prayer Beads were popular long before the Catholic Rosary and, with modern Pagan practice, they have been adapted further. Come and learn about how you can develop your own daily spiritual practice through the 13 moons, 8 sabbats, or a Pagan rosary.