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3 Feathers EmporiumThree feathers emporium is a small up and coming business and calls Athens GA USA home. This shop is very mindful of allergies and needs when it comes to our patrons. It does not deter them from making a patron something they are completely happy with and the materials used. We try to be resourceful and work with what we have and when ordering form suppliers we make sure they are reputable and ethical in sourcing their materials. We offer a wide range of resin pieces skulls, spell sculptures using real herds to large vegvisirs and alter type candle holders. Our art encompasses many themes, fairies, and creatures to Gods/Goddesses and tarot cards depictions.
The owner Gabrielle Gantley and co-founder Rebecca Yoder are avid Celtic/Norse Pagans and are very fond of all types of art, most of which are fantasy, fairies, portraits and comic book style. They enjoy putting their special interests in all of their art whether it be prints, commissions, resin crafting etc. They love to put a piece of their souls in all the works in the products this shop provides.

Our products consist on pendulum boards, art prints, tarot cloths, short cloaks, vegvisirs and runes, and jewelry.
A Touch of MagicMagical items for everyday needsS4E
Beloved ApothecaryHerbal Shop
Branch & BoneHandmade wands, natural materials, respectfully crafted
Carmanda Arts ThingsArt prints, journals, keychains
Circle of the Risen Phoenix and Knotwork ForgeCome enjoy our family’s handmade goods and add some magic to your life! Take home a set of runes, diamond painted art, or a hand-forged Viking knife. Don’t leave without a glimpse into your future with a Tarot reading from out experienced psychic!http://circle-risen-phoenix.square.siteN6
Conjure and The RootHoodoo Ritual Oils, Baths, Floorwash, Spiritual Waters, Mojo bags, Figure Candles, and more.http://www.conjureroot.comN5
Faerie ApothecaryOur Faerie Apothecarians will be available to provide psychic tarot and oracle readings. Or if you prefer, you can check out our range of handmade personal care products, and hand-crafted cloth goods.S11E
Mixed MythologiesJewelry and handcrafts inspired by mythology, folklore, and the ancient worldhttps://mixedmythologies.etsy.comS2E
Musing CrystalHome Decor, Custom Designs, Personalization, Herbs & Incensehttp://musingcrystal.comS7W
Rose Thistle & BroomRustic, nature-inspired, dark cottagecore framed art, clay & crystal pendants, fairy houses, witchy figurines
Serendipitous SoulsOil paintings, macrame, keychains, and more! Handmade by me!
The Art of Tiffany Toland-ScottOriginal art, prints, and items like mugs, oracle decks, and journals with my art on themhttps://www.spellboundbrush.comS8W
Twin Ravens StudiosEarthy, eclectic handmade jewelry using an electroplating process to capture stones and organics in copper, preserving them as wearable art. Yay, science!http://www.twinravensstudios.comS9E
Vincent’s Place SanctuaryA nonprofit farm animal sanctuary that will be a safe and healing place for human and non-human animals alike.http://www.vincentsplace.orgS9W
Water & WickLuxury gothic skin care and candleshttps://waterandwick.comS1E
WhiteOak Art Designs & MoreSpiritual, witchcraft, hoodoo,https://whiteoakartdesigns.comS1W
Wicked Worldoddities & curiositieshttps://www.wickedworld.etsy.comS15
Willow Dragonstone Community & CovenVarious Coven Made Items from Wheel of the Year Plaques, Tarot Bags, Athames, and some leather goods. Of course, the Willow readers will be in force to read tarot, geomancy, runes, ogham, or predictive astrology. This booth is the annual fundraiser for this coven to cover the nominal cost of running this 501c3 not for profit in Gwinnett County.