Map of Booth Sites

VendorDescriptionWebsiteAPPD Site
Atalanta MoonfireMy book, Throwing the Bones Divination for the Modern Practitioner, and other bone items. Reading bone divinationwww.bonewitch.comN11
Branch & BoneRespectfully crafted wands, staves, ornaments, and other handcrafted E
Circle of the Risen PhoenixWe are an eclectic Wiccan coven located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We offer tarot readings by Rev. Amanda, who has been reading professionally since 2016. Our products are handmade magical goods and décor, for example: athames, rune sets, altar tools, diamond paintings, jewelry, and
Conjure and The RootAuthentic Southern Hoodoo oils, baths, curios, mojos, and candles.www.conjureroot.comN1
Dollbaby WitcheryWhimsical and artsy ritual in witchery S
Fruit of IðunnVery small business that features Limited Edition devotional products including: soaps for Beltane, Lokabrenna/Sirius Rising, and Samhain 2022; a tea for the fall equinox; woodburned and other handcrafted works like runes, rune dice and other divination dice, beads, mini devotional altars; and other devotional works that typically also serve functional or ritual purposes and witchcraft supplies and tools. The owner, Indigo, is also a bootblack who will be providing limited (short-session, first-come-first-serve, and by appointment) boot and leathercare E
Hand crafts by Spencer and MaryWoodcrafts and charm bags and bottles, handmade bracelets and more!S1 E
Mixed Mythologies Jewelry & HandcraftsPagan-inspired handmade jewelry, tools, and craftsmixedmythologies.etsy.comN4 E
Orchid Wolf CraftsArt for the heart, home decor and more!!!
Acrylic paintings (some are uv reactive) handmade jewellery, sun catchers, bone art (all ethically sourced), faerie wreaths, faerie mirrors and jars, hand spun mushrooms (made from all different wood) and more💜💙💚🌻✨
I am a multifaceted creator 🙂 always trying new things and enjoying the journey
Rabbit Hole StudiosCommunity Center & Coworking Spacewww.rabbitholestudios.orgN10
Rose Thistle & BroomRustic & Natural Witchy Art & Tools, Clay & Crystal Jewelry, Floral S
The Art of Tiffany Toland-ScottMagical art, prints, altar decor, and giftswww.spellboundbrush.comN7 S
The Oaken WrenAt The Oaken Wren we sell an eclectic selection of handmade circlets, crowns, headpieces, and altar tables to serve all of your ceremonial needs! Stop by to say hi or just to try on 🙂 E
The Wesson ProjectThe Wesson Project sells art pieces, jewelry, items for pets and various other trinkets in order to raise money for burial blanket that we provide free of charge to pet owners who have lost their fur babies.S1 S
Wicked WorldOddities and Curiosities, Handmade Jewelry, Handmade Ouija Boardswww.wickedworld.etsy.comS3 E
Willow Dragonstone Community & CovenStop by WDSC’s booth and choose from various reading methods. Traditional tarot, geomancy, astrology, horary astrology, runes, ogham, and more! This booth represents a fundraising event for WDSC who is an open coven and supports the Partnership Against Domestic Violence and various pagans in need. The group will suggest a donation rate based on type of reading and proficiency of reader. All donations go to support WDSC and it’s ministries.www.willowdragonstonecommunity.orgN2