Athens Pagan Pride Day on Hiatus

An Important Announcement about

Athens Pagan Pride Day

To all the friends, supporters and vendors of Athens Pagan Pride Day and any other interested parties:

We, as the members of Athens Area Pagans, Incorporated, have decided that we cannot proceed with Athens Pagan Pride Day in 2024, and we do not know at this time what the future will hold.

AAP has been putting on APPD since 2009, when it took over responsibility for the festival from the original organizer, Christian Avalon, when she could not continue because of personal matters. Except for 2020 and 2021 when the CoVid Pandemic forced us to modify things a bit, we have held a festival at a public park or a downtown street each fall. The two most recent events have been held on West Washington Street.

However, circumstances have changed: much as we appreciate the people who show up on the day of the festival to help us set up and break down, we have not had much success in getting help with the several months of work devoted to organizing, publicizing and raising funds before each year’s APPD.

We have concluded that the energy we have put into APPD would be best used for other projects including development of the AllWays Intentional Community, and providing live and on-line classes and educational materials for and about the Pagan community.

During the next year, we will be open to proposals from other groups who might want to take responsibility for APPD going forward. However, we will only entertain proposals from groups who are willing to affiliate with the the national Pagan Pride Project and abide by its principles. We would also reserve the right to reject any proposal we deem unsuitable for whatever reason. But if we can find someone who is up to the task, there will be some resources available to get you started.

If no suitable organizers are found in the next year, we will revisit the future of Athens Pagan Pride Day at our annual business meeting in February of 2025.