Due to COVID, the setup is a little more complex than usual.

Our goals are:

  • Simplify social distancing for the vendors.
  • Encourage a traffic flow that will simplify social distancing for the attendees.

Click here to view photos of the area. Note that the barricades in the street are there to protect people from automobile traffic, so they won’t be there during the festival (because no automobile traffic).

The booth layout and site map are below. Note that request that two sides be closed off or not made ‘attractive’.

For Vendors choosing a 10×10 site: The distance between consecutive booths is large, so the entire booth will be easily visible to passers by. That said, vendors on the sidewalk (‘s’) side are encouraged to craft a sign to hang or stand on the emergency-access (‘e’) side. Vendors on the ‘e’ sides, please work with those on the ‘s’ side to help ensure that they get exposure. Both vendors sharing the site should take care to socially distance to better ensure each others’ safety.

Schematic of vendor booth layout. The booth area is shown in green and labeled with “‘E’ side” (emergency access side) and “‘S’ side” (sidewalk side). Displaying only on two sides helps encourage a consistent traffic flow, helping attendees to more easily maintain safe social distancing. Booths will be at approximately a 60 degree angle to the sidewalk (similar to an angled parking space).
Vendor booth locations shown in context. North is to the left and south is to the right. The booths are labeled N1-N13 (north booths) and S1-S5 (south booths). Each booth can be subdivided into a sidewalk side (‘s’) and an emergency-access side (‘e’). Arrows indicate desired traffic flow. The Welcome Booths will contain thermometers, hand sanitizer, etc., as well as general information about the festival. The Workshops Area will be covered by a 20×30 tent. The Rituals Area will be open-air.